What would you do if…

> Your data is compromised?
> Your website gets hacked?
> Access to email or business-critical
data is denied?

Rabb-IT will help you get good, basic protection in
place using the Cyber Security Standards set out in the
Governments Cyber Essential* Scheme.

Working closely with you, you can trust us to assess
your business to ensure you are protected against cyber
security threats.

Cyber criminals don’t just attack banks and large
companies, their primary targets are businesses that are
not properly protected.

76% of businesses reported a cyber breach or attack in the
past 12 months. We understand how easily this happens,
the majority of attacks use widely available free tools that
anyone can download and require no hacking skills to use.
Cyber criminals are after your money, your data and your
intellectual property.

If you haven’t taken steps to protect
yourself, it’s important to consider this.

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